Ellis County CHL or LTC


License to Carry Class


LTC Class Cost $50.00

State fee $40.00

Finger prints $10.00

Jan 12 2020 LTC Class at 9am on Sun

Jan 18 2020 LTC Class at 9am on Sat

Jan 25 2020 LTC Class at 9am on Sat

Feb 1 2020 LTC Class at 9am on Sat

Feb 8 2020 LTC Class at 9am on Sat

Feb 15 2020 LTC Class at 9am on Sat

Feb 22 2020 LTC Class at 9am on Sat

Feb 29 2020 LTC Class at 9am on Sat

Start Time at 9 am and will last 5 hours. 4 hours of class time and 1 hour to shoot.

Call for date and set up class only 18 students per class. Contact me if you need a special time or date.

State of Texas LTC fee schedules)

There are no more renewal classes, just sign up on line with the State concealed handgun and pay your money.

I will train you how to shoot if you are new to shooting. I have a very good success rate in the class.

No Range Fees

You need 50 bullets and a gun for class. (revolver or semi automatic) .22 cal ok now. (take the class with a revolver or semi automatic and you will be able to carry either.


Give me a call and secure a spot in a class.


Map to class is under tab: Contact Us


CHL or LTC Instructor

Paul Turnage-is the CHL Instructor in the class. He has 43 years of teaching experience in education. In the 80's Paul was a NRA instructor for the Boy Scouts of America. At the same time he was a Texas Safe Hunter instructor Paul is a NRA handgun instructor. Paul grew up around handguns, his father was a Dallas policeman for 26 years and his brother was a Dallas Policeman for 33 year. Our father would take us out to shoot at an early age and learn about gun safety.

Other sites


Paul Turnage LTC Instructor




$50.00 per person, no hidden cost.

Cash or Checks


No bank cards or credit cards



Call 214-202-2512


Range fee free


Free drinks and snacks.

Coffee on request



WRB Holsters and Gun Cases


Gun Barrel City,Texas




To be turned into the state

1. CHL100-----

This is what you get for taking class

2. barcode or check list

this is what you get after online application

3. receipt from finger prints

you get this from l-1 finger prints

4. dd214 if military

this is Militry only


Three things to complete to get LTC


1.Take Ltc Class from Ltc Instructor

2.Do the online application (Here)

Go to Online services

3. Fingerprints (You will get email after online application, so you can register for fingerprints)