License to Carry Classes


Please call to set up time for your class.


Cost will be $50 for a new license. (NO Range Fees)

We will provide snacks, soft drinks, and coffee during the class. We will provide all safety equipment

State does not require a renewal class as of 9/1/2013


Call 214-202-2512 Paul


Supplies for LTC Classes

We have hearing protection and eye protection

We will give you envelops to send to DPS

We have a 9mm handgun you can use (no charge)

We charge $10.00 for 50 bullets with the use of a gun

You can bring your gun and 50 rounds

Classes can start at 9 AM and will last 5 hours but we are very fexible on start times

You will have two test one shooting and one written (25 questions)

Instructions are presented with Multimedia Production