Cost will be $50.00 for a new license plus the state fees. Renewal class is no longer required by the State as of 9/1/2013

Snacks and drinks during class.

No range fees

Call 214-202-2512 or


Finger Prints 1-888-467-2080 l-1 fingerprints

Morpho Trust this link will take you to the finger print web site to find locations and enrollment. Some of their location also do passport photos for and additional $10.00. You need to complete the online application before you do your finger prints.


Texas Department of Public Safety Concealed Handgun

Go here to register for LTC. cost is $40.00 for new and $40 for renewal.

Military discount $25.00 with the dd214

Over 60 years old discount is $40 for new and $35 for renewal


Fee table This table will show you what the state will charge you for the chl.